Harrison R. Cooper Systems Products Overview

HRCS produces a full line of sampling and accessory equipment to meet customer needs.
     The following is a list of equipment types we make:

           PWR - Poweroll Linear Drives
           PED - Bottom Dump Cutters
           PEA, PEB - Slurry Samplers
           PVS - Pivoting Spoon Samplers
           PRL - Rotary Scoop Samplers
           PRV - Rotating Cutter (Vezin) Samplers for Solids and Slurries
           PRH - Cross Belt Samplers (motor driven)
           PRX - Cross Best Samplers (pneumatic drive)
           PNS - Diverter Cutter
           PSC - Indexed Sample Collectors
           PSR - Rotating Splitter Collectors
           PFS - Rotary Table Samplers
           PLA - Fixed Cutter Samplers for Slurries
           PSA - Pressure Pipe Samplers
           Solution (Wire) Samplers
           Mobile Sample Reduction System
           Custom Conveyors
           Belt Feeders

     For on-line technical information on various products, click on the appropriate check mark. Documents list in the table are available in HTML orADOBE ACROBAT (pdf) versions, a format convienient for printing and downloading.




PowerollTM Linear Drive Mechanism

PRL Rotary Scoop Sampler for Conveyor Discharge Sampling

PRV Rotary Cutter Chute Sampler for Fine Solids in Gravity Flow

PRH Cross-Best Electric Drive Sampler for Material Flows on Conveyors

PRX Top-Belt Pneumatic Drive Sampler for Material Flows on Conveyors

PFS Rotary Table Sampler for Solids

PNS Pneumatic Drive Diverter Sampler for Small Slurry Flows

PRV Rotary Cutter Sampler for Slurry Flow ('Vezin' Style)

DrilSamplerTM Mobile Sampling System for Processing Blast Hole Material















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