Harrison R. Cooper Systems Company Overview

Since 1970, Harrison R. Cooper Systems has been a recognized leader in the innovation and  production of automated   sampling equipment and turnkey sampling systems for mining and bulk  materials handling and processing.

  The company, lead by it's founder Harrison R. Cooper, has provided sampling solutions to hundreds of customers at numerous sites in the United States and 16 other countries around the world for nearly 30 years. Our unique equipment designs have been copied, but never duplicated in their quality and reliable operation.

  HRCS can produce systems that range from a single sampler to large complex systems incorporating multiple samplers, conveyors, crushers and associated equipment with computer controlled operation.  We have provided systems for sampling ores and other materials in the full range of conditions; wet, dry or slurry.  We have our own engineering department and manufacturing facility located in Bountiful, Utah which insures that the equipment delivered to our customers is of a consistent high quality and deserves to carry the HRCS label.

  Throughout HRCS's existence, we have been dedicated to achieving statistically relevant sampling results while providing our customers with equipment that is easy and economical to operate and maintian.  HRCS provides consulting, engineering, manufacturing and field support services.  We enlist the talents of proven engineering consultants when their particular specialty and expertise will benefit a customer's project.

  Our "Mission Statement" and "Core Values" are more than mere words, they provide us with daily and long-term direction and guidance.


  Harrison R. Cooper Systems, Inc. is a design and manufacturing organization, producing products for the purpose of automated material sampling for mining companies and thier customers throughout the world.
  We are committed to:

  Providing the best products and services to out customers that out collective expertise can concieve
  and produce.

  Providing a good, safe work environment where our employees can prosper and grow and know
  that thier individual and collective knowledge and effort on behalf of the company is valued.

  Maximizing our profitability while producing a quality value for our customers and compensating our
  employees fairly.

 Core Values

  Integrity - honesty and credibility in all relationships, both as individuals and as a company

  Excellence - superior quailty, high standards

  Service - meeting the needs of our customers and community

  Leadership - providing the best, most innovative products in our chosen field while emphasizing ethical practices in our business dealings and personal lives.

  Synergy - the sum of all our experience, knowledge and ideas has much greater value to the organization than any member's individual contribution, regardless of that member's relative position.

  Profitability - careful planning, sound budgeting and good management to support quality service and growth

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