Harrison R. Cooper Systems Sampling Theory

The purpose of "sampling theory" is to provide guidelines on calculating required sample quantities to realize an objective of accuracy in the estimation of quality parameters determined by the sample.   The main sources of sampling theory are development work and publications of Dr. Pierre Gy and more recently by Mr. Francis Pitard.   The Sampling Theory page is currently being compiled and will be placed on-line shortly.

Contents of "Theory of Sampling" to be placed in this page can be currently viewed in the publication "Handbook of Chemical Engineering" 7th edition, chapter 19, "Sampling of Dry Solids and Slurries of Solids", pages 19-3 to 19-10; published 1997, Robert H. Perry (former editor) and Don W. Green (current editor).

An earlier document describing background and theory of sampling can also be referenced. This material, useful particularly when concerned with coarse material and precious metals applications, is the 1976 publication "Handbook of Mineral Processing", Norman L. Weiss, editor, available from the Society of Mining Engineers, Lakewood, Colorado.

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