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Sampling and Analysis for Minerals Processing


  • Designs for slurry and solids flow streams .. wet or sticky solids and fine powders.. coarse, crushed solids flow streams .. composite samples extracted from vertical and horizontal flow streams.    
  • Designs for minerals, coal, cement raw materials .. iron ore, fertilizers, alumina and bauxite .. concentrate filter cake solids in loading of rail and ocean shipments.
  • Featuring POWEROLL tm linear electromechanical drive .. proven superior high strength and low maintenance in operations for more than twenty years.
  • Engineered sampling solutions from a single sampler to large multistage sampling systems with interstage size reduction and complex computer supported controls. Equipment and systems are designed with modular compact arrangements to meet application requirements.
  • In-house design and fabrication of all sampling equipment and most support equipment including belt feeders, sample conveyors, chutes and supports.
  • Wide variety of drive and sample cutter designs and configurations are available to meet any requirement. HRCS has over 35 standard major products which are custom adaptable to customer sampling requirements and conditions.

Safety and Serviceability

  • Design and fabrication for heavy-duty long-term reliable operation..
  • Equipment safety interlocks .. alarm interlocks for interruptions..
  • Cutter bodies and blades abrasion resistant stainless steel or other alloy steels as necessary..
  • Abrasion resistant liners and polymer coatings.

Sampling System Controls

  • Electronic solid-state designs with internal alarm circuits..
  • Flexibility built-in SUPER-SAMP tm controls for each application.
  • Interface to purchaser's distributed control systems..
  • Programmed logic control system turn-key supply using Allen-Bradley, Siemens and our own components to meet customer specifications.

 HRCS Service

  • Turn-key field installation and start-up assistance by experienced field engineers .. supply of complete system including support structure according to purchaser's preference..
  • Consultation on cost-effective slurry and solids sampling designs.. consultation on sampling for on-stream analysis of slurries and solids..
  • Training of purchaser's personnel in operation and maintenance..   
  • Maintenance contracts available as an optional service.



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